How to Keep Your Allergies Under Control This Season

AllergyKeeping allergies under control can be a real challenge! It probably feels like you're allergic to everything. Walking around sniffling, sneezing, and rubbing your eyes due to allergies is frustrating. And that's why it's time to find a way around it. Try to be proactive and make your environment as suitable for you as possible.


Top 6 Excuses That Limit Your Success


Everyone wants to have a beach body, but no one wants to diet or workout. Being successful isn’t automatic. It requires concentrated effort and action.


Many of us have a series of excuses that we can pull out of a hat at a moment’s notice. There’s always one that seems to fit the bill perfectly. This is done largely to protect ourselves and to justify our current circumstances.


Are any of these excuses holding you back from success?


Top 4 Food Strategies to Lift Your Mood


Are you feeling as chipper as you’d like? When negative feelings have taken hold of you, you might have tried adjusting sleeping patterns and ramping up workouts to combat their ill effects. However, it’s likely that they didn’t fully adjust your mood.


That's probably because you overlooked one major factor. How and what you eat can have a significant impact on your mood each day. And while you're busy eating high-sugar foods to "comfort" yourself, you're doing more harm than good.


The Stability Ball Solution for More Fun Working Out


If you’re tired of the same old workout, a stability ball is an inexpensive way to shake things up. Add fun and variety to your routine while you improve your coordination and strengthen your core.


Although it’s often called a Swiss ball because it was used for physical therapy in Switzerland, this equipment was invented by a plastics manufacturer in Italy. Over the years, it has become popular for yoga, Pilates, weight training, and more.


Who Ever Heard of Quitting Smoking Every Week?


If you’re tired of trying to quit smoking but relapsing each time, you may be excited to learn about a new strategy with a better success rate. Instead of giving up tobacco for good, you give it up again each week.


Researchers found that Monday was the most popular day for people worldwide to search for information about quitting. Compared to the average for any other day of the week, people were 25% more likely to be thinking about smoking cessation on Mondays.



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