Borrow Pop Up Techniques to Design Fun and Exciting Workouts


Make your workouts more fun by borrowing the pop up techniques used by trendy retailers, chefs, and artists. Staging activities in unusual locations and providing entertainment will help you feel more excited about doing pushups. This approach works wonders whether you’re on your own or enjoying the company of friends.

Work Out Someplace Other Than the Gym

1.Throw a party at your house. Put your own home to new uses. Throw a salsa dance party or schedule a private yoga session. Find an instructor through word of mouth or borrow a video from the community library.

2.Hit the beach. Invite your friends to play volleyball on the beach and soak up the sun. You burn more calories just walking on sand compared to grass because your body has to work to stay balanced.

3.Visit a park. Many parks are expanding the activities they offer. You may find fitness circuits and tennis courts as well as hiking and jogging trails.

4.Light up your backyard. Your own property looks more exotic after dark. Turn on the porch lights or hang Chinese lanterns. Practice your Tai Chi or take your kettle bells outside.

5.Head back to the playground. Some playgrounds welcome all ages. Limber up on the monkey bars and do a set of jumping jacks.

6.Check out university campuses. Search online or call any university to find out their rules about public access. You may be able to stroll about their grounds and throw a Frisbee around.

7.Research local attractions. Depending on where you live, you can drive to the mountains or spend the afternoon at an indoor rock climbing studio. An increasing number of cities have companies that offer pop up workouts in local museums or nightclubs complete with live bands and popular dance instructors.

Add More Entertainment to Your Workouts

1.Select a theme. Any good party deserves a theme, especially when it’s good for you. Plan special exercise activities for Halloween or National Frozen Foods Month.

2.Turn up the music. Select music that makes you want to move. Experiment with a range of soundtracks from blue grass to classical to dance.

3.Serve food. Look forward to refreshments afterwards. Indulge in exotic fruit smoothies or liven up your salad with fresh fennel.

4.Wear costumes. Dress up for the occasion. Buy a funny T-shirt or wear yoga pants that make you feel svelte.

5.Play with toys. Harken back to your childhood favorites or discover new props that make you smile. Spin a hula hoop around your torso, arms and legs for a total body workout. Browse online for interesting fitness apps.

6.Bring your dog along. Dogs know how to have a good time. Go for a walk together along a new route or play a game of fetch.

7.Engage in friendly competition. Friendly rivalry with workout buddies or trying to top your own best record gives you something specific to aim for. Perhaps you can see who can swim the most laps across the pool in five minutes. Maybe you’d like to gradually increase the amount of weight you bench press until you are benching enough to surpass your friends.

8.Award prizes. Prizes provide instant gratification while you’re waiting to experience the longer term benefits of becoming more physically active. Take turns with your tennis partner treating each other to frozen yogurt. Hand out personalized coffee mugs to your guests when they join you for a Saturday morning yoga party.

Transform your workouts into an adventure. The pop up formula can deliver a lot more than stylish clothing, fancy food, and expensive art. Use it to improve your fitness. You’ll find that variety and entertainment make exercising feel like a celebration.

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