Developing Your Summertime Action Plan


What do you hope to accomplish this summer? Think about focusing on each of the important areas of life: your family relationships, health, and psychological well-being.

Review these ideas to help you develop a three-pronged summertime action plan:

Family Relationships

1.Target times for family fun. Using a calendar, devise a plan to spend more time together on evenings and weekends. Be specific in your plan. For example:

  • Monday evenings are for watching your 4-year-old’s piano lesson. Wednesday evenings are for throwing around the baseball with your 8-year-old.
  • Friday nights are for kid-selected movies and a dinner you cook together. Every Saturday afternoon the family goes out for lunch.

2.Discuss a family vacation with your kids and partner. As a family, brainstorm a list of possible vacation sites. Depending on finances, the adults can decide on some affordable final choices and then everyone in the family can vote.  

  • Once you select a destination, start making arrangements immediately.
  • Strive to have every family member involved in the vacation planning process. For instance, your 12-year-old can research the destination on the Internet.
  • Discuss the destination as a family and then ask each child one activity they want to do during the vacation.

3.Complete a project together. Do a home improvement project together. It may be cleaning up the yard or laying tile in the hallway. Maybe it’s painting the kitchen walls. Find a job for each family member. You’ll enhance family relationships while teaching kids the relevance of hard work and cooperation.


1.Develop a plan of healthy physical self-development. Consider what you’d like to change about yourself physically. Write down your plan and refer to it to inspire you.

2.Build up your strength. For example, maybe you want to tone and strengthen your legs. Think about taking dance lessons, going for a jog four times a week, or working out with leg weights and a personal trainer.

  • When you focus on a specific body part for one or two months, you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make.

3.Concentrate on nutrition. Establish three simple ways you’ll increase your positive nutritional intake this summer. Perhaps you've realized that you’ve been overeating sugary foods. Try to cut down on those sweets or replace them with healthier choices like fruit.

  • Focus on getting important vitamins and minerals to increase wellness.
  • You could start taking a multiple vitamin daily.
  • Or you could have two vegetable snacks a day, plus two at lunch, and two at dinner.

4.Do something you've always wanted to do, like taking a fitness class. Maybe you've wanted to take boxing lessons for years, but you've had trouble finding time. Now that a new class has opened at your health club, the lessons would fit perfectly into your summer plan.

  • Getting in shape and building your physical health will also increase your emotional stamina in the process.

Psychological Well-Being

1.Read one self-help book each month. If finding reading time is a challenge, try reading later in the evening after the kids are in bed. 

2.Work on developing that one character trait you desire. Maybe you want to be more patient or show that you’re responsible at work. Pick a month this summer and work on that skill. You’ll be pleased with yourself.

It can actually be invigorating to develop a specific plan for the goals you want to achieve this summer. Impact your family relationships in a positive way by including a family aspect to your plan. In terms of your health, focus on making some positive personal changes.

Increasing your psychological well-being is a healthy and wise thing to do, regardless of the season. When you set up a summertime plan in advance, you’ll see how productive those summer months can be.

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