5 Crucial Questions to Ask a Potential Nanny


Nannies are very important individuals in the eyes of the families they serve. They provide a source of stability, handle temporary discipline, and act as a child’s buddy. A nanny who fits in with your family will give you peace of mind when you are unable to be with your children.

While interviewing candidates for a potential nanny position, there are important questions to consider. The answers to these questions will enable you to make a wise decision.

Utilize these questions for the interview:

  1. What is your background with children? Ask the candidate about their experiences with other children to gauge how they will engage with your children.
  • What is their favorite age group to work with? What are their go-to activities to keep boredom at bay? Does the candidate enjoy physical activity or do they prefer crafting and art projects? Are they willing to take field trips to local attractions such as amusement parks or the zoo?
  • These answers to these questions will allow you to determine how the candidate will engage your child and if they plan to design projects and activities your child will enjoy.
    1. Are you opposed to undergoing a background check? To ensure that your child is not in the hands of an undesirable person, it is important to complete a criminal background check, as well as a current driving record report.
  • Background checks can be conducted over the internet for a small fee.
  • Having a background check will give you piece of mind when leaving your children and material belongings in their care.
  • Keep in mind that background checks can only provide a small peek into an individual’s ethics and morals.
  • Many county clerk offices provide access to driving records through the internet.
    1. Are you willing to be recorded by a nanny cam? Ask the candidate if they would be opposed to being filmed while in the house with the children.
  • If a candidate accepts this idea, it suggests that they’re prepared to treat your children appropriately and with respect according to your standards.
  • Refusing a nanny cam due to issues of privacy is simply an excuse for not wanting to be carefully watched. If the candidate absolutely desires the position and is prepared to treat your children kindly, they will set aside their own opinions about privacy and agree. 
    1. Do you know how to cook? A healthy lifestyle is often a goal for every parent and having a nanny who can cook nutritiously for your children will encourage your children to make healthy choices.
  • Children learn their lifelong habits through the adults they view as role models, such as their nanny.
  • A child who is exposed to different types of foods will be willing to explore other facets of their life that are in their control, making for a well-rounded individual.
  • Find out about the candidate's experience with nutritional meal planning and ask about their favorite dishes to cook.
  • You may also want to inquire about their opinion of organic versus processed foods.  
  1. Do you have first-aid or CPR certification? If they confirm that they have these certifications, ask them if they've ever had to utilize their first aid or CPR skills.
  • Accidents happen to children in every age group.
  • A solid background, or at least some training, in the field of first aid should be a priority for someone caring for your children.
  • If you have a child with severe food allergies, you will require a nanny with knowledge of how to effectively use an EpiPen.

A nanny is often a long-term figure in a child’s life. These individuals will serve as mentors for impressionable young people who are seeking attention, approval, and companionship while their parent is away.

You deserve to have a credible, kind, and well-rounded individual caring for your children. Finding this person will take some work, but peace of mind is worth more than all the money in the world.

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