The Essential Guide to Healing From a Major Health Event

At one time or another, most of us will experience a scary, unnerving health event. Even if you are frightened and uncertain, you must figure out how to move on. You'll have to find your path through that health crisis as well as learn how to move forward in meaningful ways.

Try these strategies to help you heal after a major health event:

1.Plan ahead. If your health event involves surgery or special medical procedures that you know about in advance, use the time beforehand wisely.

  • Prepare by cleaning up your house, doing maintenance on your car, stocking up on groceries, paying bills, and other responsibilities. This way, you'll have less to worry about when your big day arrives and during your recovery. 

2.Give yourself time to heal. It's easy to get frustrated that you're not progressing at the healing rate that you'd hoped. However,abide by the timeline your doctor sets in terms of how your recovery should progress. 

  • Don't be afraid to take all the time you need to feel better.
  • Tell yourself that achieving your best health is worth the wait.

3.Baby yourself or let others take care of you. Lie on the sofa all day and flip channels. Swaddle yourself in your favorite comforter and nap all day.

  • Ask a friend to bring over your favorite latte or your spouse to pick up a copy of your favorite magazine when he goes to the grocery store.

4.Call your friends and family. Keep in touch with the people you care about and find out what's going on in their lives. Hearing about the lives of others can be rejuvenating and helpful to your healing process.

  • Contacting loved ones reminds you that their lives are proceeding and soon yours will be too.

5.Ask for favorite foods. Although you don't want to get carried away, it's okay to indulge yourself a little. Speak up and say what you want! Allow others to cater to your whims for a short time. After all, you’re worth it.

  • Are you yearning for your husband's home-cooked chili?
  • Are you feeling the need to have a bowl of your favorite ice cream?
  • If you’re craving take out from the Chinese restaurant down the street, tell someone.

6.Spend quality time with your kids. If you have short-term physical limitations, it may be a great time to ask your kids to get out the old board games. You'll talk, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company while playing. You could also ask your kids to read to you.

7.Accept the help that others offer. It helps them feel like they're assisting you. Plus, you'll feel positive inside knowing that people care about you so deeply.

  • Nothing speeds up healing like feeling love and support from others.

8.Recognize the progress you're making. Perhaps last week you couldn't sit up without hurting, but this week you can. Maybe your steps are a bit quicker this week than last. Maybe you feel like getting dressed today, but yesterday you didn't. 

  • Acknowledge your steps of progress, no matter how small they may be. Let those steps spur you forward with positivity, getting you closer to health and wellness.

9.Escape into a good book or movie. There's nothing wrong with some good, old-fashioned escapism. Following an engaging storyline may be all you need to feel better and more impassioned to return to your normal life.

When you’re recovering from a major health event, there are many types of assistance you'll require. Become inspired and create a plan to move you closer toward your personal recovery. Focus on your own pathway to healing and you'll be back to normal in no time at all.

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