Who Else Wants to Travel Without Aches and Pain?

Travel broadens your horizons. Extravagant vacations or a little sightseeing squeezed into a business trip can make life more enjoyable and meaningful. You have an opportunity to learn about other cultures and break out of your usual routine as you adapt to life on the road.

However, there is a downside. In addition to lost luggage and noisy hotel rooms, you may be plagued by aches and pains from all those hours of sitting in planes, trains, and automobiles. Check out these tips for protecting your health while you see the world.

Understand Yourself Better by Examining Your Past

You can better understand yourself and your life by examining your past. Your present can be directly attributed to your past, just as your future is determined by the beliefs, thoughts, and actions you take in the present.

It’s important to avoid living in the past, but you can still use the past to your advantage.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Dizziness

When you were a child, you probably made yourself dizzy sometimes just for the fun of it. Now that you’re grown up, you may find that it’s no longer a laughing matter. In fact, dizziness is one of the most common and complicated medical complaints.

Learn how to distinguish between the main varieties of dizziness, and find out what you can do to stay steady on your feet. This quick guide will show you what you need to know.

What is Enlightenment and Does it Matter?

Enlightenment is a common term thrown around by a variety of philosophers and religions. The term “enlightenment” used by Emmanuel Kant isn’t the same as Buddhist enlightenment, but they share many similarities. Enlightenment is having an accurate view of the world and how it works. It’s much more common to view the world through distorted glasses.

What Will You Do When Your Favorite Co-Worker Decides to Move On?

Workplace friendships play a big part in your job satisfaction. You’re bound to feel a little blue when you learn that a favorite co-worker has decided that it’s time to move on. You may also be concerned about how their departure will affect your workload.

At the same time, this could be an opportunity to restructure your relationship and your career. Take a look at how you can benefit from the transition.

Top 10 Tactics for Dealing With a Boss That Dislikes You

If you’ve never had a boss that dislikes you, it’s only a matter of time. Surveys show that most of us will eventually face a boss that seems to have an axe to grind. So, if you haven’t faced this situation yet, your turn is coming. Handling this delicate situation requires tact and self-control. It’s easy to turn yourself in to a basket case or ruin your career.

Be thoughtful and cautious. A boss that dislikes you is reason for concern.

Set Yourself Free by Healing Your Relationship With Your Parents

Do you feel like your childhood could have been better? Join the club. Even those of us with average upbringings feel like our parents did a crummy job at times. Unfortunately, no one taught your parents how to do it well, unless they happened to have good parents themselves. The pain you still carry today regarding your childhood is a barrier to happiness and success.

To Parents of Female Student Athletes

A recent Gallup poll provides more good news for female student athletes and their parents. Researchers found that female former student-athletes outperformed other college graduates on important career and life outcomes. In fact, girls who played sports enjoyed even greater returns on their efforts than their male counterparts.

To Stepmothers Considering a Baby of Their Own

Having a baby is complicated for any family, and that’s especially true if you’re already a stepmother. While the Brady Bunch made it look easy to live as a blended family, any stepparent knows it takes a lot of effort in real life. Try these tips to help you manage the psychological and practical dynamics involved in adding a new baby to your stepfamily.


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