Enhance the Emotional Intimacy in Your Relationship and See It Thrive

Emotional intimacy is a closeness that goes beyond the ordinary fondness felt for friends and family. The degree of emotional intimacy is an excellent barometer for evaluating the health of a relationship. It’s difficult to have a good relationship with poor emotional intimacy or a poor relationship with a high degree of emotional intimacy.

Boost Your Career With Greater Motivation at Work

Most people do just enough work to avoid getting fired, but that’s no way to travel through life. Since you’re spending 40+ hours each week at work, make them count. It’s challenging to keep your motivation high in the workplace, but there are many ways to enhance your motivation and help your career thrive in those same hours you already spend there.

Develop Greater Confidence With These Easy, Everyday Habits

Confidence affects every part of your life. Your boss and coworkers feel more admiration, trust, and respect for you when your confidence is high. You’re also more attractive to others. Even though you may not feel confident, there are steps you can take each day to grow your confidence.

In time, feeling more confident will become a habit. Greater confidence is one habit that you’ll never want to break!

Discover the Secrets to Becoming Fascinating

Do you feel like others find you boring? The truth is that most people are boring. Everyone is too concerned with fitting in than they are with being interesting. The most interesting people are those that don’t care about fitting in. However, there are ways to be more interesting, even if you’re a die-hard conformist.

Discover the Benefits of Solitude

There’s a difference between loneliness and solitude. Solitude is a choice that provides freedom and space from the demands and interruptions created by others. Spending time alone is good for you. It doesn’t imply that you’re antisocial, depressed, or mentally ill. There are numerous benefits to spending time alone on a regular basis.

Social media has made it more challenging to spend time alone. Even when we’re alone, we feel the need to check in with the rest of the world.

Are You Too Nice for Your Own Good?

Being too nice presents a lot of challenges. The main issue with trying to please everyone is that people take advantage of you. People eventually lose respect for you, too. If you don’t care about your needs, no one else will either. It’s important to be your number one advocate. When you respect yourself, others can respect you, too.

9 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack

A panic attack can feel terrifying. Those that suffer panic attacks often feel as if they’re going to die. While highly unpleasant, panic attacks are harmless. A panic attack is something you created. So, you also have the power to lessen and eliminate the attack. If panic attacks are controlling your life, you can regain that control.

12 Traits of People With Type-A Personalities

Do you have Type-A personality? Those with a Type-A personality are driven, focused on results, and can’t stand to waste time. These people are challenging to be around, but they also find the rest of us quite frustrating. They’re operating in a different world. These self-motivated people are rarely at peace, but have the ability to get things done and to change the world.

A Parent’s Guide to Patience

Children can be annoying. They like to play games that adults don’t enjoy. When is the last time you wanted to play with dolls, climb a tree, or ride your bike up and down the cul-de-sac? They’re loud. They complain. They know how to push your buttons.

Children can be a great source of frustration. They’re also a great source of joy.


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