A Parent’s Guide to Rewarding Your Child’s Good Behavior


Rewarding kids for good behavior can be a complicated issue for parents. You may wonder how to encourage good values without crossing the line into bribery.

While there are pros and cons to the practice, it seems very popular. More than 48% of parents admitted to sometimes bribing their offspring, according to a recent survey by investment managers T. Rowe Price.

A Parent’s Guide to Lengthening Your Child’s Attention Span


It’s natural for children to feel restless, and the pace of modern life can make it even more difficult for them to concentrate. Video games and the internet provide constant stimulation, and immediate gratification. Kids may struggle when it comes time to listen to their teacher or perform any task that requires focusing on one thing and resisting distractions.

In fact, 87% of teachers said that modern technologies were creating a generation with short attention spans, according to a recent survey by The Pew Research Center.

A Fool-Proof Formula for Stimulating Your Natural Curiosity


Spice up your life by stimulating your natural sense of curiosity. Your daily activities can evoke just as much wonder as any story about Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings.

Studies show that we learn better when we’re in a state of heightened curiosity. In one experiment, test subjects who were interested in the answer to a trivia question found it easier to remember other information even when it was completely unrelated.

A 5-Step Process to Turn a Deadline Into a Walk in the Park

Do you dread deadlines? If so, that feeling could be sending you into a state of inaction, causing you to miss your deadlines, which then increases your stress about them. It’s a vicious, self-perpetuating circle. Fortunately, there are things you can do to make it easier to meet those deadlines.

8 Ways to Fuel Your Motivation


Motivation is a common commodity when you’re heading to the beach or shopping for a new car. But some tasks are not enjoyable, and motivation can be challenging to find. Creating motivation is a skill, and there are several techniques that can be helpful. The ability to motivate yourself is among the most important skills you can have.

Complete Planning Kit for Losing Weight Without Feeling Deprived


Enjoy your food while you lose weight! The most effective eating plans are the ones you can stick with for life.

A recent study by Weight Watchers found that more than 90% of successful dieters planned for daily or weekly indulgences. By contrast, almost 50% of those following a deprivation diet wound up gaining 14 pounds or more.

Moderation pays off. Try these suggestions for reaching and maintaining a healthy weight without feeling deprived.

Zap Stress With These 5 Tips to Increase Your Patience


From fast food to instant contact via email and Smartphones, we are surrounded with products and services that provide instant gratification. The drawback to all of this instant service is that it can lead to unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others and destroys our capacity for patience.

Most of us are familiar with the frustration that begins to grow inside of us whenever we have to wait - for anything. Over time, this frustration causes our stress levels to build and can lead to a short temper along with increased blood pressure!

8 Keys to Rewarding Relationships


All successful relationships have common characteristics. This is true whether the relationship is romantic, work-related, casual, or familial. Relationships are more stable and satisfying when all parties are on the same page. Communication is always a key element of healthy relationships, but there are additional important factors.

5 Tips to Overcome the Emotional Devastation of Divorce


Divorce is terribly difficult. In addition to getting through all the details that divorce entails, you may feel abandoned, cheated on, and alone. It may bring you some comfort to know that many have been through it already, and now there are some proven techniques you can use to overcome the negative emotions and move forward.


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