The Modern Rules For Matchmaking


Even in these days of eHarmony and, there are advantages to meeting people through family and friends. Online dating sites can help you find thousands of people you would be unlikely to come across in your daily life. However, your loved ones may also have insight into who would be a compatible partner for you.

Maybe you’re hankering to introduce your plumber to your tennis instructor. Maybe you dream about your best friend’s cousin. Try these tips for setting up a date or being set up on one.

The Essentials of Personal Transformation

Feeling stuck or frustrated with life often precedes the decision to make a personal transformation. Making a meaningful change is both exciting and distressing. Our brains are wired to make change uncomfortable and more challenging than it needs to be. Focusing on the most important aspects of personal change can make the process smoother and easier. The odds of success are greatly enhanced, too.

The Busy Woman’s Solution to Living Meditatively


If you’re juggling responsibilities at home and work, it can be difficult to carve out time to sit down and meditate. While you’re trying to organize your days, you can still start living more meditatively right now. Take a look at these practical ideas for building more reflection and mindfulness into your routines.

Strategies to Increase Your Luck


Who isn’t at least a little superstitious? Athletes have lucky socks. A businessman has a lucky suit. Anyone can increase the amount of luck they experience in life. Of course, you’re not truly creating luck. You’re putting yourself in a better position to create and notice useful opportunities and circumstances. Being luckier is largely a state of mind. Even so, it’s a pleasant experience!

Say Goodbye to Losing Your Cool at Work


It’s easy to lose your temper  at work when the computer runs slowly or meetings turn tense. Fortunately, you can train yourself to keep your cool so you’ll be seen as a leader and excel at your job.

Learn to  work well under pressure, and gain your colleagues’ trust by appearing confident and relaxed. Practice these ideas for keeping your composure or restoring it quickly.

Reap the Benefits of Staying Focused at Work

It’s imperative to stay focused at work if you wish to meet your deadlines and succeed in your career. However, such concentration isn’t always easy to achieve. Something always seems to sabotage even your best efforts. Someone calls a meeting, a client throws a monkey wrench in your plans for the day, or your child gets sick at school.

How can you sail past these normal interruptions and keep your focus?

Learn How to Change Jobs Without Losing Your Social Life


If you’re like many of us, your work and social life overlap. Soon after you accept a new job offer, you realize the transition is going to affect your personal relationships as well as your professional activities. Consider these steps to take before and after you start your new gig to help you maintain old ties, and build new friendships.

How to Impress a Boss You Rarely See


Wherever you work, impressing your boss is part of your job requirements. You probably know what to do when your supervisor sits in the office next door, but you may need to think more creatively if you seldom see each other.

Bridging that gap is a growing concern now that more employees work remotely or travel extensively for their jobs. Try these suggestions for hitting it off with your boss up close or long distance.

Do You Want to Talk about the Future of Your Relationship?


Romantic relationships come in all shapes and sizes these days. That creates more opportunities for finding true love, but it can also make talking about your connection more complicated.

As you’ve probably noticed, cohabitation is on the rise. More couples are living together before marriage or as an alternative to becoming married. In fact, by the time they’re 30, 3 out of 4 American women have lived with a man, according to the National Survey on Family Growth.

Choice vs. Chance: Which Way Are You Living Your Life?

Are you relying on luck and random acts to determine your life? Or are you making conscious decisions and steering your own ship? These are two dramatically different ways to live. The former is not effective or enjoyable. Anxiety, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction can be found in abundance. The latter method is much more effective and satisfying.


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