Managing Liquid Calories Made Easy


Maybe you count each calorie you eat, but what about the ones you drink? Many dieters fail to realize how many extra calories are in the beverages they love.

In fact, the average American drinks one out of five of their daily calories, according to WebMD. Find out what all those smoothies and Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos are doing to your diet and pick up strategies for bringing liquid calories under control.

Conquer Social Anxiety With These 5 Tips to Increase Your Courage


Does your heart begin to race at the thought of having to stand in front of an audience and speak? Do you get cold chills or avoid eye contact when you meet new people? These signs are common symptoms of social anxiety. If you are uncomfortable in social situations, you’re not alone.

Concerns about public speaking, visiting new places, or meeting new people are common fears. According to a 2013 study widely reported in the London Times, most of us fear speaking in public more than we do dying or going to the dentist!

Can Being a Little Selfish Enhance Your Life?


For as long as any of us can remember, we were told to share with others. Consideration for others was a common theme throughout childhood. Does that mean that being selfish is always wrong? Being selfish on occasion can be the best thing for you and your loved ones. There are several reasons that support the idea that selfishness can be positive.

Getting what you want provides benefits to everyone around you.

Become a Better Leader: 4 Steps to Boost Your E.Q.


Most of us think of a leader as someone with a great deal of education and experience in a certain area. While knowledge and experience are important qualities, one's ability to communicate and work well with others is just as important to being an effective leader.

Having a high degree of emotional intelligence (E.Q.) allows you to be able to inspire and motivate others to co-operate with you to accomplish a shared objective and vision. There are several ways that you can strengthen your interpersonal skills.

Get More Done Each Day: 6 Tricks To Increase Your Focus


Do you ever find it hard to complete tasks because it feels as though your mind is racing and it's too hard to concentrate on finishing what you set out to do? It's easy for most of us to become distracted from time to time, but there are several ways to calm your mind so that you can achieve what you've set out to do.

Ace Your Next Speech With These 6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Regardless of your experience or level of self-esteem, it's only natural to feel at least a little nervous when you stand in front of an audience and deliver a public speech. Left unchecked, the butterflies in your stomach can derail your entire presentation.

Thankfully, there are ways to master your nervousness so you can confidently deliver your speech and make a great impression.

A Startling Fact About Dental Hygiene and Protecting Your Overall Health


Oral hygiene does more than give you a pretty smile and fresh breath. Healthy teeth and gums can help prevent many serious health issues like diabetes and heart conditions.

Many doctors are referring patients to gum specialists these days because your mouth reveals a lot about your body. For example, more than 90% of people with heart conditions also have gum infections and inflammation called periodontitis.

See why it’s so important to keep your mouth in top shape.

12 Secrets to Accepting Compliments, Even if They Make You Blush


Compliments can make you feel good about yourself, or they can make you squirm. If you feel awkward being in the spotlight, turn the situation around with these handy tips. Pretty soon you’ll be basking in praise and showering kind words on those around you.

How Giving More Compliments Helps


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