8 Speedy Tips to Help You Read Faster With Better Recall


You’ve probably been reading at the same speed for most of your adult life. Even so, reading speed can be improved with intent and practice. Being able to read faster provides the key to learning more and experiencing more enjoyment from your reading.

How fast do want to be able to read? The Guinness World Record is 80,000 words per minute! An average reading speed is approximately 250 words per minute.

When Less is More: A Guide to Knowing When to Self-Promote


There's a time and place for everything. And it's important to understand when the time is appropriate for those things you set out to do in life. The same can be said for knowing when to self-promote.

Self-promotion really means "selling" your strengths and abilities to whomever you want to listen. Certainly, there are times when painting a perfect picture of yourself gets you the desired outcome. But there are other times when it's just unsuitable and unattractive.

What Frozen Taught Me about Love, Sisterhood, and Snowmen


The whole world has gone a little ice crazy over Frozen, another hit movie from Disney. It’s full of princesses, trolls, and appreciation for the bond between sisters.

Anna and Elsa are the sisters driven apart by Elsa’s magical powers. She’s like Midas, except she turns things to ice rather than gold. In fact, she plunged the whole kingdom of Arendelle into eternal winter. When Anna comes to Elsa’s rescue, it proves the power of love. Consider these lessons from Anna, Elsa, and their friends.

Your Complete Guide to Metabolic Syndrome


You or someone you know probably has metabolic syndrome. It’s a widespread cluster of conditions that affects as many as one out of every four people.

Metabolic syndrome refers to a group of risk factors that increase the chances of heart attacks, diabetes, and other serious conditions. The main causes are obesity and inactivity.

Tips for Overcoming Adversity


In many ways, life seems to be one trial after another. Our biggest task is to successfully navigate these trials. The exact hurdles will differ from person to person. We all have challenges, though.

Some of us seem to have an uncanny ability to successfully deal with any obstacle, while others struggle. We can all learn to be part of the former group.

Who Else Wants To Have More Eureka Moments?


Eureka moments feel so good. Isn’t it awesome when you’re about to give up hope of being able to solve a thorny dilemma, and then you experience a flash of insight that clarifies everything?

While these events may seem beyond your control, scientific studies suggest otherwise. You can train yourself to enjoy more breakthroughs. These tips will help you find the answers you’ve been searching for.

The Truth About Media Multitasking


If you want to hold onto your brain cells, you may need to change your media habits. Focusing on one task at a time is good for your health.

That’s the lesson from a recent university study that found that using multiple devices at once was linked to a loss of brain tissue. Previous studies have found that chronic multitasking can weaken your attention span, memory, emotional intelligence, and social skills.

Protect your grey matter by doing less and accomplishing more. Try these tips for becoming more single-minded.

The Top 5 Ways to Nurture a Healthy Body Image


In an age where the media paints warped pictures about body image, it can be difficult to be accepting of yourself. You look at what they call beautiful and compare it to your look. Often times, you end up developing an unhealthy body image.

Today's the day to put aside what someone else calls beautiful. Your body is precious and unique. Its uniqueness alone is enough to be considered beautiful.

The Temporary Employee’s Solution to Feeling Like Part of the Team


Given the rise in temporary and contingent work in recent years, many people are trying to find job satisfaction and develop career prospects in these new arrangements. How can you get up to speed quickly and collaborate with the permanent staff members who already know each other?

Try these tips for becoming part of the team when you’re doing temporary work.

Strategies to Use When You’re Choosing a Temporary Assignment


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