3 Clever Ways to Get Noticed in a Pool of Job Hunters


Jumping into the pool of job hunters can be intimidating! This is especially true if you haven’t looked for a job in a while. You may feel like there are people out there with experience and qualifications that trump yours.

Getting yourself noticed in the midst of everyone else searching for a job is tough. It sometimes makes you feel like you'll be hunting forever, right? The reality is that there are a few things you can do to get the attention of potential employers.

A Five-Minute Guide to Managing and Preventing Gout


Gout has been called the disease of kings because many associate it with overindulging in rich food and drink. Gout is a form of arthritis that affects more than 2 million Americans. Unfortunately, the incidence of this disease is on the rise as the population of many countries grows older and heavier.

While gout is a complicated condition that can strike anyone, there are many effective medications and treatments available today. Use this quick guide to educate yourself about gout and keep your joints healthy.

What To Do When You Don't Know What You Want


We’ve all been there. It’s easy to get stuck when none of your options stand out. One job has better hours and more interesting work, but the other possibility offers a better salary. The best options may be less than obvious.

Unfortunately, failing to make decisions in a timely matter can have negative repercussions. With more time, you can develop more elegant solutions. When time is short, you’re limited to just a few options, none of which may be very good.

Top 10 Ways to Foster Close Relationships with Extended Family Members


Building a large support system throughout your life ensures you’ll have someone to lean on when you require emotional support. As your life takes unexpected twists and turns, it’s comforting to know you can call someone close to you for support. And who better to depend on than your extended family?

The Power of Personal Boundaries


Personal boundaries are important for several reasons. They serve as barriers to protect your self-esteem. They are also tools for establishing limits with others and communicating that you won’t tolerate certain behaviors. Those without personal boundaries commonly end up in less than ideal situations and relationships.

Without limits, you’re a victim to the whims of those around you. Personal boundaries are about respecting yourself and demanding respect from others.

You’re Getting Older: How to Age Gracefully


How do you feel about someday turning sixty, seventy, or eighty? Perhaps you struggle to imagine yourself growing older. Maybe you’re not looking forward to your golden years. Aging, for many, includes becoming inactive and experiencing failing health. However, you can retain your vigor and enjoy a positive existence, if you wish.

What Twinkies Can Teach About Resiliency


We all make mistakes, but we can still succeed as long as we know how to make a comeback. While snack cakes may not have all the answers to life’s riddles, the humble Twinkie certainly knows how to pick itself up and start over.

You may remember the headlines last year when Twinkies briefly disappeared from the stores after their parent company went bankrupt. Soon, they were back on the shelves in a turnaround billed as “The Sweetest Comeback in the History of Ever.” Use these tips to stage your own revival.

The Surprising Link Between Productivity and Happiness


What have you done today? What did you achieve yesterday? Do you take on a can-do spirit when you’re challenged? Or are you huddled up in your comfy chair deeply immersed in a movie or playing a game on your electronic device to avoid the challenge?

How you make your way through an average day in terms of your productivity may determine how pleased with life you are.


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