Robot-Proof Your Job Today for Greater Job Security Tomorrow


Could your boss hire a robot to do your job? According to some experts, more than 20% of US companies have already replaced human workers with machines for certain positions. Those figures are expected to increase.

From driverless cars to self-service checkouts, the trend is clear. Everyone from accountants to shipping clerks could be affected. If you want to enhance your job security, consider these ideas.

The Modern Rules for Intergenerational Friendships


Intergenerational friendships can enrich your life. If all your friends are just like you, you may want to start reaching out to those who are older or younger. Take a second look at the grandmother who lives next door or the young man who rides the bus with you. You may have more in common than you think.

Find your next new friend in an unexpected place. Check out the benefits of intergenerational relationships.

How to Network Like a Boss, Even if You’re Unemployed


Networking is especially urgent when you’re out of work. However, that can also be the most difficult time to try to stay connected. You may feel uncomfortable discussing your situation, and you probably lack the money for expensive conferences and business lunches.

There are many ways to maintain and strengthen your professional network without shaking your confidence or draining your bank account. Try these ideas for reaching out to those who can help you advance your career.

Create More Companionship in Your Marriage in One Month or Less


Friendship plays an important role in any marriage. When you like the one you love, you can enjoy both romance and companionship.

As the years go by, it’s easy to fall into a routine where family responsibilities overshadow your personal connection. Paying more attention to each other can be the first step to sustaining love and trust. See how being friends with your spouse can help you to lead a richer life.

Partake in Office Social Festivities Without Over-Indulging


Office socials are so much fun, aren't they? You get a chance to unwind and engage in small talk with those you work with. Whether it's the end of tax season or you just signed a huge account, office social festivities provide just the kind of celebration you need.

On the other hand, they also give you a huge opportunity to wreck your diet! Because they're celebratory, office socials usually provide yummy treats that pack on the calories and pounds.

Make Resistance Band Exercises Work for You


Resistance bands provide a convenient way to keep up with your strength training when you’re unable to go to the gym. You’ll even be able to do some moves that are extremely difficult to do with ordinary free weights or machines.

Here’s how it works. When you place stress on a muscle, it adapts and grows stronger. Depending on the brand you’re using, you grip the handles of the band, or wrap the ends of the band around your hands or under your feet.

Are Your Kids Getting Enough Unstructured Play?


If you want your children to be more successful, give them more time for unstructured play. That’s the conclusion reached by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) and many other experts.

AAP recommends that kids get at least an hour a day to play outside, along with regular breaks throughout the day.

Team sports and piano lessons have their place, but the activities that your children invent for themselves have a dramatic and unique impact on their social, emotional, and cognitive development.

All About Dolphin Parenting


From tiger moms to dolphin parents, recent analogies about child rearing have sounded like a zoo. As it turns out, the latest buzzwords are closely aligned with the authoritative parenting model that experts have recommended for years.

Vancouver psychiatrist Shimi Kang has attracted a following for her theories about the Dolphin Way, which is a firm but flexible approach that strikes a balance for parents who want to avoid being too strict or too permissive.


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