Creating an Evening Routine to Boost Your Success


Morning routines have become quite popular over the last few years. They’re great for getting the day started in a productive way. After all, if your morning runs smoothly, your day tends to go well. An effective evening routine can be just as important as a routine at the beginning of the day. The things we do before sleep have an impact, too.

How to Double Your Creativity


Who wouldn’t like to be more creative? You might think you have no creativity at all, but that’s untrue. You’re incredibly creative! You created the life you have, even if it was unintentional. Being creative in a more intentional manner is something that most would find beneficial.

Free Yourself from the Past


Living in the past can mean reliving either your previous victories or your defeats. Neither is a very enjoyable way to live. The past doesn’t need to be a limiting, self-imposed prison. Avoid letting your earlier years taint the future. It’s unnecessary to continue reliving painful experiences.

The past is largely responsible for who you are today. But are you allowing it to define you?

A Woman’s Guide to Losing Weight by Eating More Like a Man

Lately, some fitness magazines have been encouraging women to eat more like men. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or stay healthy, it could be good advice.

Although most men and women don’t fit into neat stereotypes, there are tendencies worth considering. Take a look at some manly eating habits you may want to adopt, and some nutritional issues that are especially important for women.

9 Effective Strategies to Manage Your Anger at Home


It can be a challenge to keep your uncomfortable feelings in check when you’re spending time with your partner and children. Sometimes familiarity, coupled with close quarters, can prove to create tough situations at home. However, you can take some steps to keep your angry feelings from growing to the point of spilling over onto your family.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Free Yourself from a Self-Imposed Prison


Perhaps you’ve developed a habit of remaining in your comfort zone. It’s easy to do. Yet, you’ve also lately wanted to try some new things and meet some new friends. Rest assured that your life will become much more interesting when you decide to leave your safe zone behind you.

7 Ways to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence


You’ve likely heard the term “emotional intelligence,” which was first used in 1990. Emotional intelligence is commonly described as the ability to perceive, evaluate, and manage emotions in others and ourselves. Many experts consider it to be a better indicator for success than someone’s IQ. Your ability to manage yourself and others is dependent on your emotional intelligence.


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