9 Effective Strategies to Manage Your Anger at Home


It can be a challenge to keep your uncomfortable feelings in check when you’re spending time with your partner and children. Sometimes familiarity, coupled with close quarters, can prove to create tough situations at home. However, you can take some steps to keep your angry feelings from growing to the point of spilling over onto your family.

Break Out of Your Comfort Zone and Free Yourself from a Self-Imposed Prison


Perhaps you’ve developed a habit of remaining in your comfort zone. It’s easy to do. Yet, you’ve also lately wanted to try some new things and meet some new friends. Rest assured that your life will become much more interesting when you decide to leave your safe zone behind you.

7 Ways to Develop Your Emotional Intelligence


You’ve likely heard the term “emotional intelligence,” which was first used in 1990. Emotional intelligence is commonly described as the ability to perceive, evaluate, and manage emotions in others and ourselves. Many experts consider it to be a better indicator for success than someone’s IQ. Your ability to manage yourself and others is dependent on your emotional intelligence.

7 Simple Ways to Make Your Day More Productive

There are only so many hours in a day. Being more productive means getting more out of the limited time we have available. Despite how productive you might already be, odds are you can enhance your productivity even more. Being more productive can lead to having more time available for life’s more enjoyable activities. Your boss will likely be pleased, too.

8 Tips to Enhance Motivation in Weight Loss


Losing weight requires time and patience because there aren’t any shortcuts. If you need to lose a few pounds, it will take a minimum of several weeks. Significant weight loss goals can require several months or even years.

Keeping your motivation high will make it easier to weather those tough days when your weight loss goal seems out of reach.

Transform Your Life With the Power of Your Inner Voice


Your inner voice expresses the honest feelings of your true self and is the source of your inspiration, creativity, and intuition. By listening to your inner voice, you can gain insight into what makes you happy and unhappy. You can also gain the power to transform your life into one that is more vibrant and fulfilling.

Unfortunately, most of us don't listen our inner voices because we’re too busy juggling all of the responsibilities and demands of our daily lives.


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