Are You Holding Yourself Back by Judging Others?


To judge others is to form a critical opinion about them. For example, you may decide that your neighbor down the street is an ineffective parent because she’s known to indulge her children or chooses to avoid disciplining them.

If you notice that you’re spending more time having strong opinions about others than you are thinking about your own life, you may be “copping out” and not confronting your own resolvable issues.

A New Parent's Guide to Safe Sleep Practices for Babies

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently announced that only about half of the infants in the United States are put to bed in a way that follows the best medical advice.

Thanks to increased awareness about safe sleeping practices for babies, cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) have fallen by more than 50% in recent years. While progress has been dramatic, there’s still a long way to go.

If you’re a new parent, learn how to protect your baby while they slumber.

3 Strategies to Let Go of Past Mistakes and Move Forward


The most difficult person for us to forgive is usually ourselves. Regret, shame, and guilt prevent us from letting go of our past mistakes. Rather than reflecting on the experience and learning from it so that we can move forward, we tend to dwell on these unfortunate times.

By refusing to forgive ourselves of our regrets, we remain trapped in the past.

What Kind of To Do List Works for You?

To do lists help you track your activities and manage your time. Then again, what happens when your lists grow out of control because they're too long or there are too many of them?

Maybe the solution is using a different kind of list. Take a look at your options for designing an effective to do list, along with suggestions for using any productivity tool more effectively.

What Every Parent Needs to Know about Female Athlete Triad

The U.S. women's World Cup victory was the most watched soccer match in U.S. history. That’s good news for parents who are looking for inspirational role models for their daughters. It may also be a reminder to keep competitive pressures under control and watch out for health issues like female athlete triad.

Female athlete triad consists of 3 related medical conditions, but symptoms in even one area may require treatment. It’s characterized by low energy, irregular menstrual periods, and decreased bone density.

What a Caveman Can Teach You About Simple Living

If you've been shaping up on a paleo diet that has you eating like a caveman, you might want to take things a step further. Living more like a caveman across the board could help you to cut down on complications and stress.

The next time you're facing a dilemma in your personal or professional life, ask yourself what a Neanderthal would do.

Tired of Unsolicited Advice? Read This

What’s the deal with unsolicited advice? We often resent it when someone tries to tell us how to clean our house or parent our children, but we can’t resist chiming in when our spouse is driving or a co-worker is writing a report.

Then again, we each have wisdom and experiences to share that could help others. Solve the dilemma of when to speak up and when to hold back with these tips for taking and giving advice.


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