Add Fun to Your Life by Harnessing the Joy of Anticipation

The happiest moments of your vacation may take place before you board your plane. Studies show that looking forward to a vacation is often more pleasurable than the time you spend away. After all, you can dream about sunbathing on tropical beaches instead of dealing with crowded airports and squabbling kids.

While the benefits of anticipation come naturally, you can also train yourself to make the most of your high hopes. Look forward to checking out this guide to anticipation.

How to Heighten Anticipation

A Tasteful Guide to Dining Out with Food Restrictions

Eating out with food restrictions is becoming less of a challenge now that more restaurants are adapting to the growing number of customers with special needs.

Millions of Americans have food allergies, and the CDC estimates that allergies among children have increased 50% in recent years. Plus, millions more diners are managing diabetes, avoiding animal products, or seeking other accommodations.

A Parent’s Guide to Helping Your Child Heal After Divorce

A divorce is just as tragic and scary for your child as it is for you, and possibly even more so. Your children can suffer. The process of your family changing can hurt them on several different levels. They are likely to experience many negative and scary emotions that they’ve never encountered before.

Working Successfully with a Boss who Micro-Manages

Controlling bosses can slow you down and undermine your confidence. Maybe your supervisor second guesses your decisions and expects you to be available 24/7.

Overbearing management styles are all too common and counterproductive. Most employees say they've been micro-managed at some point in their career, and studies show that workers perform worse when they feel like they're being watched.

If your boss is hovering over your shoulder, encourage them to give you more space. Try these steps to gain more freedom and still get along with your boss.


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