A Couple’s Guide To Working Towards Goals with Your Spouse

There’s an old saying that the family that prays together stays together. Today, many experts believe that could be extended to say that couples who share all types of values and goals are likely to have a stronger relationship, and experience more success.

Why struggle on your own when you and your significant other can support each other in living out your dreams? Try these tips for couples who want to aim higher and work smarter.

7 Tips to Help You Juggle School and Work Successfully

Whether you’re a student trying to work or a full-time employee trying to advance your education, juggling work and school is a significant challenge. It’s possible to excel as a student and an employee with the right strategy. If a lack of time is keeping you from doing both, take a moment to reconsider.

6 Advantages of Having a Mentor and How to Find One for You

The most successful people have mentors guiding their progress. It’s difficult to overestimate the positive influence a mentor can have on your success. Finding a great mentor is a challenge, but it’s worth the work. A mentor can take you places you’ve never been and do so at breakneck speed. Consider finding a mentor to assist with your aspirations.

A mentor is invaluable for several reasons:

4 Ways to Start Off Your Week with Less Stress

Chronic stress can zap your energy and undermine your health. If tensions build up throughout the week, you may have trouble resting and recharging on your days off. Then, you start the next week tired out from the start.

Break the cycle with this 4-step plan to squash stress before it accumulates. Start your week off feeling peaceful and relaxed.

Who Else Wants to Snack Smarter?

If you frequently eat between meals, those extra portions have a big impact on your health. They could play an important role in helping you to manage your weight and take in all the nutrients your body needs.

On the other hand, USDA studies show that currently we’re taking in about one-third of our daily empty calories from those afternoon candy bars and late night refrigerator raids. That means most of us are consuming two to four times the recommended limit in solid fats and added sugars.


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