What Would You Do With Unlimited Resources?

Have you ever wanted to do something, but discouraged yourself because you believed you lacked the necessary resources to be successful? They might include a lack of sufficient time, money, education, support, or experience. Interestingly, a lack of resources is rarely an issue if you’re truly committed! Avoid allowing a current lack of resources discourage you.

It’s easy to get started on any venture without any resources. In time, resources can be found when needed. Even the largest businesses had humble beginnings.

Top 10 Ways to Maintain Perspective During Challenging Times

How well do you handle challenges? With the right perspective, any situation can be handled effectively and with minimal drama. Learning to direct your thoughts and attention are valuable assets in troubling times.

Maintaining a positive attitude provides the best opportunity to find a solution. If you’re forced to deal with a negative situation, why not do it with a smile?

The Truth about Fasting and How to Do It Safely

Men and women have been fasting for thousands of years for spiritual and health reasons, and now many adults regard it as a weight loss tool as well. You’ve probably seen headlines about celebrities drinking exotic fruit juices to prepare for movie roles, and heard friends talking about their weekly fast days.

At the same time, fasting is still controversial among medical experts. If you’re trying to decide whether to give up food for weight loss or other purposes, consider these suggestions for staying safe while you fast.

The Modern Rules for Rebuilding Trust after You’ve Been Laid Off

A recent study found that workers who’ve been laid off are less willing to trust others, and those doubts can linger for ten years or more even after starting a new job. It’s sobering news considering the recent recession that made redundancy a household word.

If you lost your job or just value a workplace with a culture of trust, there are ways to build that sense of community. Consider these suggestions for steps you can take yourself and qualities you can look for in your next employer.

The A to Z Guide to Becoming More Optimistic

Studies show that optimists live longer, achieve more, and enjoy greater happiness and health. Even if you tend to see the glass as half empty, you can tap into these advantages.

Psychologists believe that about 50% of your optimist quotient is determined at birth. That leaves the remaining 50% that you can work on. Train yourself to become more hopeful. You can complete most of these steps instantly, and a few require a little more time.

Plan a Second Honeymoon You Both Will Love

There’s more to second honeymoons than romantic walks on the beach. Spending some time away together could have long-lasting benefits for your marriage.

In fact, if you were a Malaysian couple on the brink of divorce, the government would give you a free island vacation. It seems to be money well spent. All the participants in their second honeymoon program are still married.

While you’ll probably have to pay for your getaway yourself, the rewards are worth it. Consider these suggestions for planning a fabulous second honeymoon on any size budget.

Living Braver Made Easy

The cowardly lion isn’t the only one who wonders what their life would be like if they had more courage. Imagine standing up for your convictions and taking risks to go after the things that are important to you.

There are two major schools of thought about courage. You might act boldly because you are fearless. On the other hand, you might feel anxious, but forge ahead anyway because you decide that the rewards are worth it.

Learn How to Work With a Boss Who Used to Be Your Coworker

Welcoming a new boss can be complicated, especially when they used to be your coworker. How do you make a graceful transition from being a peer to being a direct report?

Whether you’ve been close allies or friendly rivals in the past, you can learn to thrive under the new leadership. Try these suggestions for restructuring your professional relationship.


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