How to Handle Difficult Conversations with Grace

Effective communication is the cornerstone of great relationships. Whether you’re communicating with friends, family, coworkers, your partner, or even strangers, everything goes smoother with effective communication. You get more of what you want and the other party is happier too.

Even difficult conversations – when handled with grace and composure – can be beneficial to your relationships.

Grow Your Child's Emotional Intelligence

Studies consistently show that emotional intelligence is much more important than IQ because it relates directly to happiness and success. Many highly intelligent adults struggle in day-to-day life due to a lack of emotional intelligence.

Making an effort to increase your child’s emotional intelligence is one of your most important tasks as a parent.

Avoid downplaying this important factor of happiness and success. Those with a higher level of emotional intelligence enjoy more satisfying careers and stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

Discover the Benefits of a Weekend Without Television

How much time do you spend watching television? According to recent research, adults between the ages of 35 and 50 watch over 33 hours of TV per week. That’s almost 5 hours per day. It’s fair to say that most people watch more television on the weekends than they do during the week. Think of all the things you could do with that time!

How much different would your life be if you spent those 5 hours each day working on something else? Consider the changes you could make to your health, social life, family life, and personal development.

Back to Basics: Networking Inside Your Company

The internet makes it so easy to connect with someone in Kuala Lumpur you may forget about the guy in the next cubicle. However, the colleagues who work by your side each day provide some of your best opportunities for developing close friendships and gathering constructive feedback.

Boost your job satisfaction and advance your career by schmoozing closer to home. Consider these suggestions for internal networking.

Are You Ever Nervous about Talking with Your Doctor?

If you want to receive appropriate medical care and learn how to follow through on your doctor’s recommendations, clear communications are essential. However, that’s easier said than done.

The typical office visit is growing shorter. Your doctor will probably see you for 15 minutes or less, and electronic records are replacing some of the discussion that used to occur face to face. On top of that, there may be strong emotions and embarrassment that go along with any disturbing symptoms.

Ancient Secrets for Giving Without Burnout

Maybe you love the warm glow that comes from giving, but you hold back because you think others will walk all over you or you’ll wind up feeling overwhelmed. It turns out that ancient Buddhist teachings and modern psychology agree on the solution for that.

Buddhism describes 3 models of giving. A shepherd devotes himself to his flock and forgets about himself. A boat captain carries everyone to their destination together. A king gathers his wealth and power before taking care of his subjects.

A Couple’s Guide To Working Towards Goals with Your Spouse

There’s an old saying that the family that prays together stays together. Today, many experts believe that could be extended to say that couples who share all types of values and goals are likely to have a stronger relationship, and experience more success.

Why struggle on your own when you and your significant other can support each other in living out your dreams? Try these tips for couples who want to aim higher and work smarter.


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