Top 5 Ways to Develop a Powerful Work Ethic and Get More Done


Do you feel like you’re just unable to get things done, no matter how hard you try? Some people have a knack for taking care of business, while the rest of us have loose ends dangling all over our lives. If you struggle with completing important tasks, you likely lack a strong work ethic.

What exactly is a work ethic? It’s a set of principles based around the idea that there is a moral virtue in hard work and persistence.

Who Else Wants to Feel More Inspired?


Studies confirm that some people feel inspired more often than the rest of us. While those moments of revelation may seem elusive, the impact is powerful. In addition to the initial exhilaration, inspiration can make you more productive and successful. You perform better and enjoy your work more.

The good news is that these same studies suggest habits that you can cultivate that will bring more enthusiasm into your activities. Try these tips to awaken your muse.

Unleash Your Hidden Powers of Critical Thinking


Critical thinking is more than a skill that employers demand. It’s a key ingredient for leading a meaningful life.

While critical thinking can be complicated to describe, it’s basically thinking about thinking. You come to understand the essence of life lessons instead of just memorizing facts. At the same time, you gain more knowledge because creating a context enables you to retain more information. Teach yourself critical thinking skills with this brief guide.

Top 12 Mood Boosting Foods to Try on a Budget


Happiness is only a few forks and spoons away. Diet can affect moods, and specific foods can be used to improve how you feel. However, splurging on expensive saffron isn’t necessary. These mood boosting foods are easy to add to a budget-conscious grocery list.  

The food you consume affects body and brain chemistry, so it’s important to choose the right ingredients while shopping.

Top 10 Advantages of Being an Introvert


Not everyone can be the life of the party, or even wants to be. There are many advantages to being introverted. If you’ve ever wished you were more outgoing and naturally sociable, reconsider. While most people consider introversion to be a disadvantage, introverts have a unique set of skills that make them invaluable to the world, employers, friends, and family.

The Procrastination Explanation


Imagine how much you’d get done if you never procrastinated. It’s pretty incredible, isn’t it? Procrastination is the greatest barrier to achieving goals and getting things accomplished. Time is a valuable resource, and procrastination is the greatest enemy of time.

Those who procrastinate the most are also the least effective. Does your most successful friend procrastinate a lot? How about your least successful friend?

The Keys to Overcoming Adversity


Everyone has faced adversity. It’s impossible to live without facing adversity. Even the smartest and most capable of us eventually deal with pain, death, and adversity. As with any challenge, there are important ideas and strategies that make the road to success smoother and easier.

Learning to respond to life’s challenges successfully can enhance your most positive attributes. These attributes can then be used to deal with future challenges. Remember that the most successful people have successfully dealt with tremendous adversity.


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