A Guide for Parents Who Want to Strengthen Their Child’s STEM Skills

If you want your children to develop their thinking abilities and succeed in the workforce, they’re going to need STEM skills. That’s the acronym educators use for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

While politicians, teachers, and parents all sound enthusiastic about the importance of math and science, the U.S. has an uneven track record on the subject. More Americans are receiving graduate degrees in these areas, but U.S. students still rank low on international STEM assessments, and that’s especially true for girls.

14 Things You Can Do This Weekend to Advance Your Career

This weekend, take a break from your job, but give your career a boost. Try these 14 simple things you can do to advance your career online and offline. They’re all quick enough to squeeze in between Friday and Monday while still giving you plenty of time to sleep in or hang out with friends.

12 Ways to Cope With a Crowded Gym

Does your workout suffer during peak seasons and rush hours at your gym? Most health clubs fill up during certain times like January, when new members are trying to fulfill their New Year’s resolutions, and after work, when commuters are squeezing in a session before taking the train home.

If you enjoy the extra hustle and bustle, it’s all good. On the other hand, if you’re tired of waiting in line for the treadmill, try these strategies for avoiding the crowds or learning to workout alongside them.

7 Mental Blocks That Limit Success

Becoming successful is much more about your beliefs than it is about your current skills and talents. Recognizing the mental blocks that limit your success might be the most important step you can take on your journey to a successful life. Mental blocks are insidious. They begin at a young age and quickly become the norm.

We become so used to their existence that we fail to question them. We learn to limit ourselves and blindly accept the criticisms of our family members, teachers, peers, and even strangers.

5 Simple Ways to Stay Focused on Your Goals

Do you struggle with reaching your goals? One thing that makes goals so difficult to achieve is that it's hard to stay focused enough to keep working towards them. Many of us blame distractions such as work, family, or technology and say that’s the reason why we have a hard time concentrating on our goals.

Despite our best intentions and efforts, it can be challenging to stay on track!

3 Crucial Steps to Healing a Broken Heart


The pain that we feel when our relationship with someone we love is ended can be very intense. Common symptoms of a broken heart include sadness, crying, and feeling physical aches and pains in the heart and body.

Symptoms of your grief can interfere with your health, well-being, and ability to function in your daily life!

Top 5 Ways to Develop a Powerful Work Ethic and Get More Done


Do you feel like you’re just unable to get things done, no matter how hard you try? Some people have a knack for taking care of business, while the rest of us have loose ends dangling all over our lives. If you struggle with completing important tasks, you likely lack a strong work ethic.

What exactly is a work ethic? It’s a set of principles based around the idea that there is a moral virtue in hard work and persistence.

Who Else Wants to Feel More Inspired?


Studies confirm that some people feel inspired more often than the rest of us. While those moments of revelation may seem elusive, the impact is powerful. In addition to the initial exhilaration, inspiration can make you more productive and successful. You perform better and enjoy your work more.

The good news is that these same studies suggest habits that you can cultivate that will bring more enthusiasm into your activities. Try these tips to awaken your muse.


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