18 Ways to be Happier


Have you ever met someone that didn’t want more happiness? The pursuit of happiness seems to be an ongoing quest for most people. Luckily, finding happiness might be much easier than you think! Many times, simple solutions can be effective.


14 Intrinsic Motivation Secrets for Making Everything Better


Scientists, teachers, and business leaders have spent a lot of time trying to find more effective ways to motivate people. However, one thing is certain. Intrinsic motivation works better than external pressure.

Take a look at how to tap into inner sources of inspiration and where to apply them.

9 Life Lessons You Weren't Taught in School


Our educational system is focused on math, science, reading, and writing. While these subjects are important, being great at geometry doesn’t necessarily lead to a happy and successful life.

Although there are many life lessons that aren’t learned in school, we all still have the responsibility of learning them.

Become a Human Lie Detector - How Body Language Reveals a Liar


Everybody lies. If someone tells you they never lie, guess what? They're lying. Some studies say that the average person lies anywhere from 3 to 5 times per day. There was even a study put out by the Science Museum of London that says we’re lied to by others anywhere from 10 to 200 times per day. Even worse, most people aren’t very good at telling when someone is lying to them.

Are You Getting Fit and Healthy at the Gym – Or Getting Sick?


You go to the gym to get fit and healthy. You work on your cardiovascular health and do some weight training, often in the hopes of losing weight. However, during your fitness efforts, you may be exposing yourself to billions of bugs, germs, viruses, and microbes that can make you sick.


6 Tips for Dealing With Annoying Co-Workers


What do you do when you love everything about your job, except that one annoying coworker? You have to be around this person at least 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. You spend more time with this person than you do with your friends and some family members.


Some people just like to push our buttons. There are individuals who are actively working against you to try to get ahead. And some are just completely clueless and don't even realize what they're doing. Do you work with someone like this?


5 Ways to Make Your Job More Meaningful


Whether you work in a hospital or supermarket, you can make your job more meaningful. According to some studies, nearly two thirds of Americans are dissatisfied at work. While you probably need your boss to approve a raise or a bigger office, these are some adjustments you can make on your own. Take a look at these 5 ideas for putting more purpose into your job.


5 Easy Tricks to Conquer Stress at Work


Do you feel stressed out at work? Deadlines, job insecurity, and dealing with a difficult co-worker or supervisor are just a few of the most common sources of stress in the workplace. Unfortunately, on-the-job stress can negatively affect your health, well-being, and relationships.


One well known study that investigates stress in the workplace is the seventh annual Labor Day poll by The Marlin Company, "Attitudes in the American Workplace VII." According to this study:

7 Steps to Having a Great Day


Great days rarely happen just by accident. They usually require a little preliminary work if you want to make them worth remembering. Just as the path to a great body is pretty simple (though not easy), having a great day can be pretty simple, too. Do you know what you need to have a great day? Have you ever even considered the question?

If your life seems too rushed, complicated, and unfulfilling, a simple routine might be all you need to get yourself on the path to having a better day.


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