Effective Goal-Setting Step-by-Step

Most of us have a vague idea of what we’d like to accomplish, but few have true, concrete goals. A goal is analogous to a target. Without a goal, you’re just drifting along hoping for things to improve. With a goal, you have a definite direction and purpose.

Though we’ve all been told how important targets are, few of us have ever been given specific directions regarding how to formulate an effective goal.

Do You Recognize the 3 Main Trouble Spots for Osteoporosis?


Osteoporosis can affect any bone in your body, and the most common trouble spots are wrists, spines, and hips. As the population grows older, the condition is becoming more widespread.

When you have osteoporosis, your bones become thinner and more brittle. It usually develops over time, and the symptoms may be invisible until a bone breaks.

Use this quick guide to strengthen your bones and lower your risks for osteoporosis.

A Parent’s Guide to Preparing Your Child for Sleepaway Camp


Sleepaway camps play an important role in your child’s growth and development. While it’s natural to feel a little homesick, your child can come home with new friends and a greater sense of maturity.

Prepare your sons and daughters for a positive camping experience that they’ll remember for the rest of their life.


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