How to Become Instantly Likeable - 8 Tips for Quickly Creating Rapport


Rapport can be defined as a harmonious relationship. It's that feeling people get when they like and respect someone they’re speaking with and the feeling is mutual. Establishing rapport is important in all of the relationships in our lives whether it's family members, friends, coworkers, or a potential mate.


How to be Charismatic in any Situation


Everyone knows charisma when they see it, yet it’s hard to define. Being charismatic is similar to being charming, but they’re not quite the same thing. Regardless, most people would agree that being charismatic is a good thing. Charismatic people are wonderful to be around and tend to lead successful lives. Who wouldn’t want to be more charismatic?

Get Off the Diet Roller Coaster: 6 Tips for Making Your Weight Loss Last


Losing weight isn’t easy, but keeping the weight off for the long haul can be even more challenging. Many of us get stuck on that endless roller coaster of yo-yo dieting. We go on a diet, lose some weight, go off our diet, and then gain all of the weight back, plus some. So how can you get off of this dieting roller coaster?


Mastering the Art of Conversation


While some seem to be born with the gift of eloquence, most of us aren’t. Fortunately, being a great conversationalist is a learnable skill. You can learn to talk with anyone about anything, and do so with ease.


Being a great communicator is an important skill. The ability to share ideas and influence people is invaluable. It’s also a great way to learn about various topics and foster strong friendships. Imagine the benefits to your social life alone if you were able to master the art of conversation.


Build Self-Confidence With an Effective Action Plan


Reading self-improvement articles and books can be a good investment in yourself. However, unless you make a real effort to apply the strategies to your life, little is likely to change. There’s a big difference between knowing how to do a pushup and doing 100 pushups each day. Knowing what it takes to become self-confident won’t get the job done. Application is critical.


Discover This Surprising New Ingredient for Exercise Motivation


Exercise motivation comes in many forms, from managing health conditions to wanting to look good for a high school reunion. Now, researchers have found an especially powerful resource by tapping into emotional memories.

A recent study found that asking people to remember previous workouts significantly increased the amount of exercise they did the next day. Happy memories had the strongest effect, but even unpleasant memories provided some inspiration.


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