Follow These Tips to Help Your Child's Career

Many parents are more involved in their adult children’s careers today compared to previous generations. You’ve probably heard of Take Your Child to Work Days. Now, major companies like Google and LinkedIn offer days when you can bring your parents to work.

It’s one way to bridge the digital divide. After all, there are a lot of technology jobs that didn’t even exist as recently as a few years ago.

Clothing and Your Feelings: Is There a Connection?

Do the clothes really make the person? You may rarely think about it, but what you’re wearing today might have been a direct expression of how you felt when you selected the outfit this morning.

Maybe you didn’t care or were feeling down when you were getting dressed. But on a day you do care or you have something special to dress up for, you take extra time to look your best.

Conquer Your Insecurities to Gain the Confidence and Success You Deserve

Our insecurities often stem from a fear of failure. This could be a good thing if you're weighing the risk versus reward of doing something that puts you in danger. But more often than not, insecurities just hold you back from having what you want in life.

Insecurities can prevent you from getting the job you want or the promotion you deserve. If you feel like you're not good enough, you may stop trying. And if you do try, the person responsible for giving you the job or promotion may pick up on your insecurities and offer the position to someone else.

Find Calm in the Chaos and Transform Your World

We live in a stressful world. These days, many of us are expected to work longer hours for less pay. When we get home from work, it's not time to relax yet. We still have to cook dinner, clean up, take the dog for a walk, help the kids with their homework, and more.

When you're finally done doing everything, it's time to go to bed just so you can wake up and do it all over again the next day.

Luckily, there are strategies you can use to help you minimize the stress in your life.

Join a Job Club and Get Hired Faster

Job clubs are one of the most effective methods for speeding up your job search. You can take advantage of the camaraderie and feedback by teaming up with other job seekers.

Since the unemployment rate rose in recent years, these types of clubs have been multiplying all across the country. Find out how to join a job club or even start one of your own.

On Being Authentic

Have there been times in your life when you felt you weren’t acting like your true self? Maybe you were unsure of a situation or were lacking the confidence to reveal who you truly are.

Whatever your reason, you chose to hide your real self. Personal concealment places us into an emotionally unhealthy cycle. First, we feel unsure of ourselves and this causes us to act even less authentic in the future. We may even begin to wonder, “Who am I?”

How to Bring Out New Aspects of Your Personality

When it comes to your personality, you might think that you’re stuck with those parts of yourself that you wish you could change. However, new research has shed light on the topic. One school of thought now supports the idea that some personality traits can be altered by the individual just by putting their mind to it.

How to Get Along With Your Grown-Up Siblings

Do you continue to experience sibling rivalry, regardless of your age? Many adults feel the need to compete with their brothers and sisters to determine who lives in the nicest house, drives the most expensive car, or makes the most money.

Maybe you’re over everything that happened between you as kids and you no longer feel sibling rivalry, but your brother or sister does. They just can’t seem to shake those old family dynamics.

You’d like for things to be different, but you’re unsure about how to address the tension.

Is the Fear of Failure Holding You Back from Achieving Success?

Nobody enjoys failing, but you may be letting a fear of failure sabotage your chances for success. Some people are so afraid to fail that they refuse to try. However, failing to try is the only true failure. If you try something and fail, try again. Eventually you’ll succeed.

Without trying, your chances of success are 0%.

There are countless stories of historical figures that failed time and time again, but didn’t give up. Perseverance led them to success.


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