Discover Greater Happiness by Forgiving Others

People can be cruel. They say and do the meanest, most damaging things. Having been a victim of unkind treatment, you're probably reeling with anger. You feel like forgiveness is the least suitable response you can give.                   

Surprisingly, however, forgiveness is the quickest and most lasting way to get over the anger and hurt! But how can you just forgive someone who has hurt you so?

Build Togetherness in Your Family With These Simple Approaches

Does it seem to you that growing up means growing apart? Now that your family members are busy with their own lives, it's hard to keep in touch. The togetherness you once shared seems to be a thing of the past.

However, family life is still important, and you can rebuild your family bond and maintain that closeness, even when you’re far apart.

Choosing Between a Career Advancement Opportunity and a Job You Love

It's probably the biggest decision you'll make in your life. Choosing between the most enviable career and a job you love can be quite difficult. One part of you thinks about the advancement and recognition. The other part thinks about living with true peace of mind.

Now that you're at this crossroads, you'll need to come to a decision soon enough. As difficult as it is, now's the time to weigh the pros and cons of both scenarios.

Considering the Werewolf Diet? Read This ...

If you’re growing tired of eating like a caveman on the Paleo Diet, you may be interested in the Werewolf Diet that celebrities like Madonna are following.

This new fad is based on the theory that the moon pulls the water in our bodies the same way it governs ocean tides. While this is probably more poetic than factual, followers are advised to eat based on moon cycles. It’s basically a one day fast plus vegetables with various plans for every lunar phase.

Fight Fatigue With the Power of Yoga

Fighting fatigue has always been one of the many benefits of yoga. A recent study adds to the growing body of evidence that a few sun salutations could help you to face each day with more enthusiasm.

Taking formal yoga classes for 3 months lowered fatigue by 57% for breast cancer survivors. Their rates of inflammation were also reduced by 20%. Researchers attribute a large share of the dramatic results from this Ohio State University study to the way yoga improves sleep.

Good Decisions or Quick Decisions? Why Not Both?

The quality of your life is a function of the quality of your decisions. Consistently making good decisions results in a pretty good life! By the same token, poor decisions leave us wishing we’d made better decisions.

It’s important to make decisions as quickly as possible, too. In most cases, taking longer than necessary to make up your mind leads to confusion and wasted time.

So, for your best results, your goal is to make good decisions quickly.

Discover How Being Unconventional Can Advance Your Career

Would you ever wear red sneakers to the office? A recent study found that dressing down can sometimes help people get ahead. It also raises larger questions about how conformity affects our wellbeing.

Harvard researchers conducted a number of experiments to see if violating the dress code could make people seem more prestigious. It worked. Students assumed that a consultant who wore red shoes while teaching a business seminar probably charged higher fees and had more upscale clients.

Feeling Blue at Work? Find Joy in Your Job With These Techniques

Despite what anyone tells you, it's rare to love a job! Your work can come with its own challenges, even though it helps to sustain you throughout life. And sometimes those challenges seem to pull the joy out of you. But you can change all that!

You can get more joy out of your job and return to having a positive career. By making a conscious effort, you'll soon start to view your job differently.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Take Back Control with this 6-Step Process

Oh, how trying the stresses of life can be! Having situations that affect your peace of mind can be challenging. And sometimes you feel like you've gotten way more than you can handle. Yet still, you find a way to keep going.

It's great when you can find the determination to keep going. But are you doing so to your own detriment? Perhaps the way you're responding isn’t always the best.

The Complete Guide to Giving and Getting Respect

Respect makes our relationships run more smoothly. Feeling appreciated puts us at ease and helps us to bond more closely. We share a sincere regard for each other. We know that our welfare matters, and we treat each other with courtesy and fairness.

Fortunately, our actions can help us to gain more respect. Giving and getting respect amount to much the same thing. The more you give, the more you’re likely to receive in return.

These suggestions can help you enjoy more respect from others and feel more valued.


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