A Surprising Method to Find Out the Truth of Your Assumptions

Everyone makes assumptions. We do it all day long. We assume that the pretty woman would say “no” if we were to ask her out on a date. We assume that we won’t get a raise if we ask for it. We assume that a new diet won’t work for us. If we’re really stuck, we assume that there’s nothing we can do to change our lives for the better.

But the truth is we all have faulty assumptions. We have lots of them.

Break Your Caffeine Addiction and Set Yourself Free

Caffeine is a sort of wonder drug. It’s inexpensive, socially acceptable, and legal. While there is evidence - both positive and negative - regarding the effects of caffeine, no one seems to dispute the premise that it’s very addicting.

Maybe you’re one of the many people that have challenges with caffeine or perhaps you simply don’t like the idea of being addicted to a stimulant.

8 Proven Strategies That Help You Get Through Hopeless Situations

Whether it’s the end of a relationship or the inevitable foreclosure of a home, some circumstances are simply beyond saving. Some situations have to run their course and other plans need to be made. But hopeless events don’t exclude the possibility of better days ahead. If you’re in a hopeless situation, letting go, learning, and moving on can be a great solution.

5 Great Ways to Make Room for New Blessings in Your Life

Does it sometimes feel like life's richest blessings are passing you by? Do you feel like everyone around you is blessed and you've been overlooked?

It's easy to feel a little cheated when you look at how much your friends and family members have. Their happiness seems to know no bounds. And every venture they undertake always yields success.

You deserve all those blessings too. And you're more than able to get them. All it takes is knowledge of how to make room for them in your life.

4 Surprising Places to Find Inspiration for Innovation

In such a fast-moving world, it's so important to stay on the cutting edge. Your creative ideas of yesteryear probably have very little impact on today's innovative age. With that said, you've likely realized the importance of finding inspiration for innovation.

Your inspiration may change over time, but at least finding it is a start. Some inspiring things and people may be right in front of you. But others, like the ones here, may take a little digging to find their value to your plan for innovation.

A Startling Fact About the 3 Biggest Diet Destroyers

If you think chocolate is the temptation most likely to lure you off your diet, think again. British researchers recently identified 3 top dieting pitfalls, and candy bars did not make the list.

Alcohol, friends, and keeping late hours were the most potent trio of diet destroyers. That’s according to a group of volunteers who used their cell phones to monitor their cravings for a week. They reported being enticed about a dozen times and giving in on about half of those occasions.

A Parent’s Guide to Selecting Books Your Children Will Love

Give your child a lifelong love for reading by selecting books they’ll love. Remember what fascinated you when you were little and consider what librarians have discovered over the years.

The New York Public Library recently published a list of 100 great children's books from the past 100 years along with a special exhibit of children’s literature. Take a look at their suggestions and other tips for helping your kids find awesome reading materials.

4 Easy Ways to Develop Kindness

In a world filled with misery, war, and anger, being kind to your neighbor can sometimes seem like a foreign concept. Whether that neighbor lives directly next to you or in a bus shed two miles away, it's easy to overlook brotherhood.

However, it's improbable that you’ll achieve true happiness without taking the happiness of others into consideration.

If you're struggling with showing kindness, take a step back. It's important to show love and kindness to others. They'll live a better quality life, and you'll receive kindness in return.


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