14 Tips for Using Your Bathroom Scale to Your Advantage

Your bathroom scale may be more controversial than you think. The conventional wisdom that warned against weighing yourself every day is supported by some experts and challenged by others.

Meawhile, people are all over the place with how they’re using their scales. By some estimates, about 20% of the population refrain from weighing themselves, 40% weigh themselves weekly or daily, and the rest do so occasionally.

Easy Life Adjustments that Keep You on the Path to Your Dreams

Too often your dreams get pushed off to the side, simply because they seem unrealistic. However, dreams are supposed to be lofty. They usually require extra effort to acheve them.

Are you feeling a little discouraged because your dreams seem to elude you? Avoid letting that feeling last too long! You possess the drive it takes to achieve greatness!

A Startling Fact About Performance Anxiety

Choking under pressure is a common response whether you’re playing the lead in the third grade Christmas play or giving an important business presentation. Unfortunately, about 90% of people handle stressful situations poorly.

A recent experiment shows that getting excited works better than trying to calm down. During a public singing contest, students were given various instructions. Those who said, “I am excited,” scored an average of 81% compared to 69% for those who said, “I am anxious,” and 53% for those who said, “I am calm.”

Are You Shy? 8 Tips to Blossom

When you’re shy you may appear unsure of yourself or as if you’re lacking confidence in a situation. Although you can see that others seem to be relaxed and having a good time socially, you haven’t yet found the solution to your own shyness.

Following these tips will help you overcome your shyness:Are You Shy? 8 Tips to Blossom

Break Unhealthy Habits With Three Simple Adjustments

Unhealthy habits can have more impact on your life than you ever imagined! You may try to overlook habits like procrastination, quitting, and self-doubt, but you can almost guarantee that their negative effects will spill over into every area of your life.

Don’t you think it may be time to break those negative habits?

Imagine how your life could change if you let go of them and replaced your bad habits with positive behaviors instead.

Your health stands to benefit, your relationships will blossom, and your confidence would soar!

Develop a Positive Mindset With This 21 Day Plan

It's easy to let disappointments change your overall mindset. When things seem to go in every other direction except the one you want, you probably feel like giving up. However, keep in mind that challenges and obstacles are only temporary. With a positive mindset, giving up won’t be an option for you!

If you want to be a high-achiever, your only option is to eliminate negative thinking. You’re only as successful as the effort you put into making positive changes.

How to Differentiate Between Intuition and Insecurity for the Best Decisions

Life-changing decisions can be so intimidating. You spend days and even weeks juggling between the options in front of you. All you really want to do is make the best decision, but it's stressing you out. Your gut instinct tells you to go one way, but you still hesitate.

Indecisiveness can make some situations more difficult than they actually need to be. But what's causing your indecisiveness?

You're probably allowing insecurity to cloud your judgment and cause you to second-guess your intuition. Don't worry - it happens to everyone.


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