What the Food Pyramid Can Teach You about Communicating Effectively

If you’re old enough to be reading this, you’re probably old enough to remember the USDA food pyramid. That colorful triangle divided into sections showed the recommended amounts for each food group, and guided generations of Americans through making healthier food choices.

Although it was eventually replaced by the new and improved MyPlate diagram, it can still teach you a lot about communications. Consider the pyramid when you’re trying to develop and share an important message.

Who Ever Heard of Quitting Smoking Every Week?

If you’re tired of trying to quit smoking but relapsing each time, you may be excited to learn about a new strategy with a better success rate. Instead of giving up tobacco for good, you give it up again each week.

Researchers found that Monday was the most popular day for people worldwide to search for information about quitting. Compared to the average for any other day of the week, people were 25% more likely to be thinking about smoking cessation on Mondays.

The Stability Ball Solution for More Fun Working Out

If you’re tired of the same old workout, a stability ball is an inexpensive way to shake things up. Add fun and variety to your routine while you improve your coordination and strengthen your core.

Although it’s often called a Swiss ball because it was used for physical therapy in Switzerland, this equipment was invented by a plastics manufacturer in Italy. Over the years, it has become popular for yoga, Pilates, weight training, and more.

Top 6 Excuses That Limit Your Success

Everyone wants to have a beach body, but no one wants to diet or workout. Being successful isn’t automatic. It requires concentrated effort and action.

Many of us have a series of excuses that we can pull out of a hat at a moment’s notice. There’s always one that seems to fit the bill perfectly. This is done largely to protect ourselves and to justify our current circumstances.

Develop Mental Toughness Through Physical Fitness

Although different aspects of your being operate independently, they're still connected. At some point, they come together to create the best being possible. That explains why your physical and mental states are co-related. Balance in one area is easily transferred to another.

Are you experiencing situations that put a strain on your mental processes? Do you feel stressed out and unable to make decisions? Mental toughness can be difficult to acquire, but it's much easier if you focus on achieving physical fitness first.

Are You Being Guided by Your Intuition or Your Ego?

It’s not always easy to tell if our choices are coming from the right place. However, if you follow your intuition, your life is likely to be enjoyable and meaningful. Follow your ego and you might be successful in many ways, but you’re likely to find yourself wondering why you’re not as happy as you think you should be.

Learning to determine whether you’re being guided by intuition or ego can make a huge difference in your life. While there are no hard and fast rules to make the distinction, there are tendencies that can serve as a guide.

Answers to Work Life Balance and Integration Questions

In some circles, discussions about work life balance have shifted to talking about work life integration. Whatever you call it, many people are searching for a way to juggle their personal and professional roles.

More than half of all employees say that job demands sometimes interfere with their personal responsibilities, according to a study by the American Psychological Association. Try these suggestions to help you meet your daily challenges.

A Surprising Method to Find Out the Truth of Your Assumptions

Everyone makes assumptions. We do it all day long. We assume that the pretty woman would say “no” if we were to ask her out on a date. We assume that we won’t get a raise if we ask for it. We assume that a new diet won’t work for us. If we’re really stuck, we assume that there’s nothing we can do to change our lives for the better.

But the truth is we all have faulty assumptions. We have lots of them.

Break Your Caffeine Addiction and Set Yourself Free

Caffeine is a sort of wonder drug. It’s inexpensive, socially acceptable, and legal. While there is evidence - both positive and negative - regarding the effects of caffeine, no one seems to dispute the premise that it’s very addicting.

Maybe you’re one of the many people that have challenges with caffeine or perhaps you simply don’t like the idea of being addicted to a stimulant.


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