Top 4 Ways to Become More Alert

Are the world and its opportunities passing you by? Does it seem like nothing you desire ever becomes a reality? Perhaps you’re spacing out instead of vigilantly seeking out opportunities.

Maybe your level of alertness is less than favorable. That could be attributed to many different reasons. Perhaps you're just tired or sick of trying over and over again. If it's the former, it's time to get some rest. If it's the latter, giving up is a surefire way of leading a dull, unaccomplished life.

The Secret to Distinguishing Between Appetite and Hunger

If you think hunger and appetite are the same thing, think again. Being able to distinguish between the two can help you to manage your weight and select healthier foods for you and your family.

Hunger is a physical sensation that’s triggered when your body needs food. Your brain detects signals like an empty stomach and lets you know that it’s time to refuel. On the other hand, appetite is a desire to eat regardless of your physical condition. You may suddenly crave cookies because you see a TV commercial or smell them baking.

What Every Job Hunter Needs to Know About Assessing Your Future Boss

When you’re searching for a new job, you’re also taking on a new boss. That decision could have a big impact on your current happiness and future career prospects. Almost 75% of workers say the most stressful aspect of their job is their relationship with their immediate supervisor, according to a survey by the American Psychological Association.

A Healing Plan for Recovering From Divorce

Unfortunately, divorce is commonplace in today’s society. The ending of any serious relationship can be challenging to overcome, but divorce is fraught with even more tough issues.

You might find yourself moving on a little too quickly without taking the necessary time to pull yourself together. Or you may languish in a state of misery far too long.


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