Get More of What You Want by Learning to Ask For It

In life, you’ll likely experience times when you want something from someone else. You might be thinking, “I’m very independent. I can do everything for myself. I can learn how to do new things and I will get for myself whatever I want.”

Even though that may be mostly true, there might still be the rare situation when you have to look to someone else to fulfill a personal wish.

Essential Guide to Making Successful Joint Decisions

A lot of advice about decision making seems to assume that it’s a solo job. In reality, we’re often working side by side with others. While it may be faster to act alone, we often get better results when others participate, too.

Of course, there are exceptions. Sometimes we may have all the expertise we need or we may need to make our minds up so fast that consultation is impossible.

Free Yourself from Needing the Approval of Others

Since we were children, most of us learned that it could be advantageous to make others happy. Most children want the approval of their parents, teachers, and peers. We tend to carry that same tendency into adulthood. While it’s natural to seek the approval of others, sometimes it might not be for the best.

If You Don’t Get a Fitness Mantra Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

If you wish that workouts felt more like play and less like work, a simple fitness mantra could make your dreams come true. A recent study proved once again how powerful self-talk can be.

A group of cyclists preparing for a competition was divided in two. Half of them urged themselves on with statements like, “You’re doing well,” while the other half went without mantras. The self-talkers were able to keep biking for about 20% longer. They also felt like their workouts required less effort.


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