Create an Elevator Pitch Employers Want to Hear

An elevator pitch is a short summary used to tell about a person or organization in a quick and concise way. This is an important asset for your job search. It’s an effective way of telling a potential employer who you are, how you can contribute, and what kind of position you’re seeking. Try out these suggestions for preparing and presenting your introduction.

Do You Make These Leadership Mistakes?

Without even knowing it, you're probably a leader in many ways. Do you have kids? Are you the one who friends come to for advice? Do you serve as a team leader at the office?

Many of the roles in your life involve some type of leadership. You might be surprised by how easily your actions can impact others. Some of these “leadership positions” may seem basic to you, but they’re more critical than you know. Aim to be the best leader possible.

6 Keys to Greater Self-Discipline

We all believe we could use at least a little more self-discipline. It can mean the difference between the success and failure of a diet. Self-discipline allows us to pick up that guitar and put in two hours of practice each day.

Those with great self-discipline can rely less on talent and luck. They create their own talent and luck. Developing self-discipline is like building a muscle. If you have very little today, you’re not going to have a lot next week. But that doesn’t mean you can’t develop a tremendous amount over time!


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