Do You Make These Leadership Mistakes?

Without even knowing it, you're probably a leader in many ways. Do you have kids? Are you the one who friends come to for advice? Do you serve as a team leader at the office?

Many of the roles in your life involve some type of leadership. You might be surprised by how easily your actions can impact others. Some of these “leadership positions” may seem basic to you, but they’re more critical than you know. Aim to be the best leader possible.

6 Keys to Greater Self-Discipline

We all believe we could use at least a little more self-discipline. It can mean the difference between the success and failure of a diet. Self-discipline allows us to pick up that guitar and put in two hours of practice each day.

Those with great self-discipline can rely less on talent and luck. They create their own talent and luck. Developing self-discipline is like building a muscle. If you have very little today, you’re not going to have a lot next week. But that doesn’t mean you can’t develop a tremendous amount over time!

6 Strategies for Developing Reliable Recall and Maximum Memory

The ability to remember and recall information is important in our lives. Imagine if a surgeon couldn’t remember the proper way to tie a knot during the middle of your surgery. While memory and recall can fade with age, there’s a lot we can do to enhance our memory and concentration.

Concentration is a key component of memory. You have to be able to concentrate if you wish to recall the information at a later time.

Are You Serious About Losing Weight? Try This Structured Solution

You probably have fond memories of the summer months you had off from school during your childhood. However, any break in your scheduled routine could spell trouble for a healthy diet.

According to the National Summer Learning Association, children gain weight three times faster over the summer. The likely causes are a lack of exercise and increased access to snacking all day. Naturally, the same thing can happen to adults if you’re suddenly unemployed or following any kind of irregular schedule. Get back on track with these suggestions.

Are Walking Clubs For You?

Walking is such a great way to exercise that you may want to share it with your friends. Walking groups are an easy way to stay on track and jazz up your usual stroll. These suggestions will help if you want to join a walking club or start one of your own.

Advantages of Walking with Others

5 Tips for Learning a New Language

Learning a new language requires you to become familiar with the fundamentals. There’s the accent, vocabulary, and grammar to consider. Even if you took four years of a foreign language in high school, you likely realized that you still couldn’t understand native speakers.

Learning a new language can be tricky, but using it in a practical way can be even more difficult. Many try to learn a language from a book. However, languages are meant to be heard and spoken.

Implement these tips to attain the fluency you desire:


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