Easy Strategies for Simplifying Your Day

simple dayJust about everyone feels more rushed and stressed than they would like. Most of us have busy lives. The busier you are, the more important it is to prioritize and simplify! This is especially true if you reach the end of a hectic day and feel as if you accomplished little.

Put these strategies into action and make your day simpler:

What You Need to Know About Keeping Your Joints Safe and Healthy


Joints form the connections between your bones. Your joints help support your body weight and allow you to move comfortably. You use them for everything from bending your leg to nodding your head. Some joints, like the ones in your skull, don’t even move. Others, like your elbows and knees, carry a heavy work load. That wear and tear can add up over a lifetime.

Learn how to care for your joints so you can reduce your risk of soreness. You'll feel better and be able to perform your daily activities with more comfort.


Use Gratitude to Create a Bounty of Positive Change in Your Life


Consistent gratitude is one of the most powerful tools that you can use to propel yourself into a brighter tomorrow. Gratitude isn’t a magical shortcut, though. It doesn’t necessarily create any changes outside of yourself. What it can do, however, is open you up to other opportunities.

As you become aware of the multitude of blessings already present in your life, you may begin to focus on abundance more and more. This can set you on a path to a mental state rich in optimism.

Enrich Your Own Life By Encouraging Your Child’s Individuality

child's individualityReality TV is filled with sports dads and pageant moms who paint a disturbing picture of parenting. Watching them is enough to make anyone worry about the consequences of trying to live vicariously through your children. Learn to draw the line between taking a healthy interest in your child’s achievements and using them to fulfill your own ambitions.

Staying Calm in the Midst of Stress and Chaos


Knowing how to stay calm is a very important skill. However, this skill tends to deteriorate under stressful or distracting conditions. Staying calm under extreme pressure is much more challenging than staying calm under moderate conditions.

For example, hitting a golf balls with your friends is relatively easy. But add 5,000 spectators and some TV cameras and see how well you do.

How to Recover from a Breakup Even if You Were Completely Blindsided

breakupThe end of a relationship is difficult. That’s especially true when the breakup catches you by surprise. If your significant other left you with little or no explanation, you may be struggling to make sense of it all. Consider these suggestions for getting back on your feet.

Recovering From the Breakup

Side-Stepping a Midlife Crisis: Hold the Hot Rod, Pass the Introspection


How’s this for irony? The term “midlife crisis” was coined by a 48-year-old man. A midlife crisis refers to the tendency of people in early middle age to undergo an emotional exploration of self-identity. Whether this actually occurs or if it was just an idea perpetuated by TV sitcoms is immaterial.

Keys to Success: If You Could Just Get Started, Where Would You End Up?

successThe most difficult part of developing a new habit, like exercising, playing the piano, or writing each day is getting started. Playing the piano for 30 minutes each day isn’t difficult, once you actually sit down on the piano bench. Getting started is the tough part.

The habit we all really need to develop is the habit of getting started!


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