6 Great Reasons to Eat Slower


eat slowerMany of us are rushed, and meal times are no different. We rush around all day and then eat quickly so we can get back to our seemingly endless list of tasks.

Eating slower is powerful in several ways. It’s an easy way to begin to reverse a harried lifestyle. It’s not difficult. You simply take smaller bites, chew slower and more thoroughly, and enjoy your meal for a greater length of time.

A Quick Guide to Career-Enhancing Social Behavior at Work

career-enhancingDo you socialize with others in your workplace? Since you can spend as much as 33 percent of your life at the office, it’s likely that you’ll see your co-workers as much as your loved ones. Regardless of how business-focused you strive to be, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually engage in some socializing through work.

The Silver Lining of Rejection

Getting rejected, whether it’s for a career position or in a relationship, can be one of the most challenging events you’ll ever experience. So it may be hard to believe that there is a silver lining when it comes to rejection, but it's true! There are some positives about being rejected.

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire or Beneficial Buffering? The Difference Can Make or Break Relationships

If you sometimes hesitate to tell your spouse the whole truth, that could be a good thing. Protective buffering can make our relationships run more smoothly. However, if buffering is misused, it can pose a barrier to deeper connections. These are some guidelines for using buffering wisely.

Situations Where You May Want To Use Buffering

Free Yourself From Information Addiction in 4 Steps

Information addictionIt’s amazing just how much information we have access to at any given moment! Unfortunately, though, in this day and age, information addiction is a growing dilemma.

Learning new information can be stimulating and our brains get used to it over time. But, how much is all of that information really adding to your life? How much is it costing you?


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