A Parent’s Guide to Boosting Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Parent guiding his childReading comprehension is essential to success in school and in life. You play a major role in helping your kids retain the information they read. There are basic and more advanced strategies that any parent can use to assist their children in this area.

Basic Steps to Strengthen Comprehension

Rediscover the Lost Art of Courtesy and Get What You Want More Often

Even though our parents taught us to say “please” and “thank you,” we sometimes lose sight of showing courtesy to strangers as we grow up. However, rediscovering this fine art of finesse could benefit you in many ways, from greater success in negotiating to increased respect from others.

7 Ways to Enrich Your Life With Failure


Sometimes, the fear of failure makes you hesitant to try new things. Often, the most powerful feelings you've experienced are those that come after a perceived failure. The question of, “What if I fail again?” can hinder you in the future.

Consider changing your perspective and try seeing failure from the other side. What if you were to look at failure in a positive way instead of a negative one? How could this benefit you? 

Think about the following benefits of failing:

Maximize Group Results by Eliminating Social Loafing


Social loafing is the tendency to put less effort into a task when working as part of a group compared to working alone. When you’re involved in a group project, you can help it to function effectively if you know how to prevent, recognize, and correct social loafing.

Methods for Preventing Social Loafing


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