Harness the Power of Nostalgia to Find Happiness


Recently, the benefits of nostalgia have been acknowledged. Experts used to warn against living in the past, but new studies show that memories have positive effects on coping skills and mood. There are constructive ways to go back and honor the nostalgic moments of your life.

Major Benefits of Nostalgia

How to Replace Negativity with Positivity and Change Your Results


Have you ever found yourself in an emotional place where you can't help but focus on the negative? Does it feel like you're viewing everything through dark, dreary filters rather than rose-colored glasses?

Maybe you could benefit from undergoing a change in your disposition. You’ll feel so much better when you take steps to be more positive. Plus, you’ll get more positive results.

When you change your approach, you change your results.

Borrow Pop Up Techniques to Design Fun and Exciting Workouts


Make your workouts more fun by borrowing the pop up techniques used by trendy retailers, chefs, and artists. Staging activities in unusual locations and providing entertainment will help you feel more excited about doing pushups. This approach works wonders whether you’re on your own or enjoying the company of friends.


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